My beautiful boy …

MISHA – my 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and love of my life

My name is Misha and I’m a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We are known for our gentle, loving natures and friendliness towards absolutely everyone. I am a boy, not a girl! My name is the diminutive of the Russian name Mikhail – Michael in English. My Kennel Club name is Pursuit of Happiness.

I understand a lot of words now. I know all my basic commands like sit and roll over and my mum speaks to me all the time so I even understand whole phrases and sentences. Like, Misha, wait, no cross road (mummy says that a lot) and Misha, big park in car? Yep, I really like that one. I don’t like waiting, stopping, being cleaned, having my teeth brushed or having a coat, jumper or my harness put on (I will lie down and play dead when it’s time for that, or roll onto my back to make it as difficult as possible). I also hate being left alone or being apart from my mum – even if she’s just popping into another room. I follow her around the house and like to keep her constantly in sight. I love chasing squirrels and birds, being given treats, eating good food (only human grade, please – none of that kibble nonsense) and particularly sharing crumpets with butter. I also love to play, to chase and be chased, to sniff absolutely everything, and best of all, to be given tummy rubs. If any passerby stops in the street to stroke me – which happens quite frequently – I will instantly throw myself on my back, four paws in the air, and wait for a tummy rub. I also love licking my mum’s face and trying to push my tongue up her nostril. I’m not sure that she’s such a fan of that!

I am very friendly and I love children. I always share my toys with other dogs and I didn’t even get cross when a dog once stole my favourite chew toy right out of my mouth. I always expect people and dogs to be just as friendly back, even though sometimes not all of them are. It doesn’t bother me though – I still approach anyone I meet with a madly wagging tail. My mum and I belong together. We are a pair. We’re never apart (she doesn’t even go on holiday without me) and she spends all her time looking after me. We tell each other how much we love each other all the time. She is my world and I am hers. I am a very happy boy. People always comment on that.